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Our mission with our custom-built solutions is to construct software specifically tailored to your unique business goals.  It will address what you need it to do, with no unnecessary functionality. There is no need to ‘make do’ with your current software applications.  Our solutions will endeavour to seamlessly integrate within your existing IT environment.

As our custom-built solutions are designed for your unique procedures and current working practices, your workforce will intuitively understand them, resulting in a more productive and rewarding user experience. We understand that change is inevitable and this approach allows our software to be quickly adapted as your business develops.

Our support is all UK based and generally handled by an engineer who worked on the project and so knows your software inside and out.

Web Applications

We have a proven track record in creating modern, professional and responsive websites whose content you can, if you so choose, edit and maintain yourself.

Our developers understand the technical aspects behind web development as well as great design, so one team can produce a well designed and highly functional solution.

We include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website to ensure that your website has good visibility and is easy to find. We deliver a straight forward user experience while being optimised for both mobile and tablet devices as well as PC desktop screens.

Technical features such as 3D modelling, graphs and charts, mapping and panoramic visualisations can be incorporated into your web application.

We can provide website hosting on a UK based server which is secure and continuously monitored to minimise downtime.

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Mobile Applications

We can deliver mobile apps for Android and Apple.  We have delivered tablet based systems for inspection and auditing purposes, as well as mobile information apps.

AuditAssist is an app created to allow users to record details ‘in the field’ for later upload for processing.  The app is designed for quick and easy data gathering of site features together with images and accurate location.   Typical uses would be for applications as diverse as playground inspections, cemetery surveys and hospital ward audits.

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AuditAssist is available now and will be supplied with the exact fields you wish to record in the precise format you need.

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Desktop and Server

We are eminently experienced in developing a wide range of business ICT applications, from the complex intricacies of comprehensive financial solutions to simplicity of routine file conversion utilities. This experience has been acquired during the development of a large spectrum of business processes including: Business Information, Document Management Systems (DMS), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Workflow and Office Integration. This delight in variety has led us to appreciate that there is no single mould for application development, with each business challenge requiring its own individual solution.

While we love to take on a project from inception, we are just as happy to recover an existing failing solution be it Microsoft Excel or Access based solution that can no longer cope or any other solution failing to deliver.

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The founders of Giant Software have appreciated OpenVMS’s robust, secure and responsive operating environment for much of its lifetime. During this time, we have acquired a great wealth of experience in: developing; maintaining and supporting OpenVMS solutions.

However, while we rejoice in working in this environment, we realise that now many businesses are considering migrating off the platform onto a more future proof windows platform. Being very familiar with both environments, Giant Software is perfectly skilled to ease this migration.

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