Project Description

Website – First Report

First Report required a credit checking website which allows users to search for the financial position of national and international companies.

The website permits an end user to obtain financial information regarding a designated company. This is achieved by connecting to a 3rd party credit information supplier.

The site was constructed to request 3rd party financial information about the requested organisation and display the results to the end user in order to give an accurate insight into that organisation’s financial status.

Report credits to use the site are purchased using Paypal or Worldpay. These were was seamlessly integrated into the website.

User support is handled by an innovative bespoke ticketing system which manages requests to the technical support team.

Personalised debt collection letters can be generated in order to aid in the recovery of outstanding debts.

Finally, a monitoring feature is used to place a watch on specified businesses for critical events like the issuing of CCJs issued or a change in directors.

First Report image
Financial requests processed every day
First Report website

Technologies Used

  • ASP.Net
  • Microsoft .Net
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • SSL
  • XML
  • Microsoft IIS
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Office
  • SQL Server
  • PayPal
  • Visual Studio
  • WorldPay