Bespoke Software

Custom Software Solutions

Off the shelf packages can often meet most software requirements, but what happens when you need extra functionality? Is there an add on to the package that will it do exactly what you want it to do?

Bespoke software is software tailored to your objective. It does what you need it to do with no wasted functionality. There's no need to be concerned or 'make do' with your current software applications. We develop solutions around your current working methods, so your workforce will already understand the workings of your custom application.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Custom Software Solutions

We build websites that you can maintain - Content Management Systems (CMS). Our CMS websites allow you to add pages, menu items, images and embedded video as well as incorporate contact forms, location maps and accessibility options. Content can be copied straight from Microsoft Word.

We prefer to build a CMS site using Umbraco. This is a flexible CMS that allows us to provide the most requested requirements as well as a solid platform for us to add any particular features that our clients require. Umbraco has a spell checker and a preview button to allow to view your changes as they will appear when live.

Your website will be Search Engine Optimised (SEO) ensuring your site gets the best exposure and user experience. Websites will also be device responsive, optimising for mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop screens. We can arrange hosting on a UK based server which will be continually monitored to minimise downtime.

Our Approach

a bigger picture

We start by conducting an objective review of your business to take in the full picture, or the 'bigger perspective'. Being objective is essential; if there are any existing benefits, rest assured that these will be recognised and assessed to see how they can be augmented with our new software. We are happy to evolve existing computer systems but are equally pleased to design them entirely from scratch.

We are flexible in our approach and can offer a self-managing solution, analysing your requirements on a specification basis or by taking a more hands-on role.

Once we’re clear about the objectives, projects are planned and workable schedules agreed, with regular reviews carried out throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure milestones and objectives are met.

organisational growth

A successful system will not only meet all your current needs, but will have provision for future development and organisational growth. The consideration for security, disaster recovery and total business continuity is an integral part of our systems design, built into our software from the outset.

We believe our systems will provide a future-proof, robust architecture that will enhance your business performance, delivering function 'today’ with scalability 'tomorrow’. However, our systems design package is more than just a piece of new software; we will construct a bespoke system that increases efficiency and performance, allowing you to achieve more productivity with less staff.

complete the project

To complete the project, we install the software and ensure the configuration is compatible at all levels. An extensive quality review is carried out to assess the entire system, and only when we are convinced that the software is perfect do we allow it to go 'live'.

A thorough understanding of the capability of the system is the key to its successful implementation. Given this, principal users are trained to a high level of knowledge which they can then pass on to the rest of their team. If any gaps in their knowledge emerge, be assured that our after-sales team will be on hand to offer the comprehensive support required and provide confidence in the developing use of the software.

Our Strategy


After a broad project plan which outlines what we need to achieve, we'll create a prototype system to make sure we're on the right track.

We'll then test it and refine it repeatedly until it's ready for launching. Thereafter we'll be on hand for maintenance and support.

  • "It was essential that we had a good working relationship with our supplier, Giant surpassed our requirement, with their support, training and advice"

    The States of Jersey Tax Department

OpenVMS Development


OpenVMS Version Support End
OpenVMS for VAX Dec 31, 2012
OpenVMS for Alpha Dec 31, 2016
OpenVMS for Integrity Dec 31, 2020
Source: HP

OpenVMS provides a robust, secure and responsive operating environment. However, it is 30 years old and the required hardware is expensive and becoming increasingly difficult to source and maintain. Moreover, support from HP for the latest versions of OpenVMS is ending soon.

Because of the different architectures, organisations wishing to migrate their OpenVMS applications to a Windows environment will find no easy translation software. The migration process cannot simply be achieved by just porting code. However, with help from Giant Software they can enjoy the benefits of a modern environment and take the opportunity to incorporate their latest business requirements.

Giant Software have considerable experience in the process of migrating treasured OpenVMS applications and databases to a Windows environment while maintaining a focus on robustness and security.

OpenVMS is a very robust, secure operating environment and Giant Software has considerable experience in engineering business applications for that environment.

Giant has produced many applications and DCL command files for VAX, Alpha and Itanium based machines.

Some organisations run their mission critical applications on OpenVMS and their general office processing in a Windows environment. Others are looking at integration as a stepping stone to full migration away from OpenVMS. In either case, Giant has expertise in the integration of OpenVMS and Windows with the ability to develop solutions for either platform.