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Goods and Services Tax

Goods & Services Tax


In 2008 Jersey introduced a VAT style of tax called the Goods & Services tax (GST). The Jersey Taxes Office needed a system to implement the registering businesses for GST, assessing businesses for GST, and collecting the amount of GST from the businesses. The system also needed to reporting and audit management applications.


Giant integrated systems for the registering, assessing and collection of GST into the Tax Office's existing systems.

Those registering for GST or making GST returns are able to send in paper based returns which are then processed by Giant's forms recognition system, or file returns online using Giant's online tax returns system. Giant produced a suite of OpenVMS applications to handle GST assessing. Giant enhanced the internal database to store GST data. Workflows were used for the verification of GST returns. Reporting and Auditing applications were also developed.


Since 2008 70,000 GST returns have been successfully processed

Project Domains

Web Windows OpenVMS

Technologies Used

  • Citrix Xenapp
  • Microsoft .Net4 Framework
  • Visual Basic
  • Attunity Connect
  • Web
  • OpenVMS