Forms Recognition

Jersey Taxes Office

Forms Recognition

Forms Recognition


The Taxes Office receive many tax returns and other items of tax related documentation. A system was required to manage this documentation, mark tax returns as received, collect the information supplied on tax forms, and securely store away electronic images of received mail.


Giant delivered a system with three modules which allowed the operator to define a document type, process the document, and use a verification workflow to ensure all data integrity before storing it away using Giant's document management system .

The system is able to gather data from barcodes, marked boxes, printed and hand written text. A3 tax returns are automatically rotated and collated to be stored as multipage image files for easy retrieval.

Unlike off the shelf packages, the solution could be easily integrated with the existing tax systems allowing tax returns to be automatically updated during processing.


The system has been processing half a million items every year since 2009.

Forms Recognition - Process

Forms Definition

The forms definition module allows the operator to define the form including items to capture - which can include barcodes, marked boxes, printed or hand written text.

Forms Processing

This module is scans the forms. It identifies and captures all of the defined items. It will collate the images into a multipage image file. It will also create verification workflow for the document.

Forms Verification

This module will rapidly verify that the items have been captured correctly using tailored validation routines. It will also store images into the existing document management system. Custom functions also update the organisation's database.

Project Domains

Windows OpenVMS

Technologies Used

  • Citrix Xenapp
  • Microsoft .Net4 Framework
  • Visual Basic
  • Attunity Connect
  • TWAIN Compliance