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Jersey Taxes Office

Document Management Systems

Document Management


Like many organsations the Taxes office needed a system for the capturing, storing, securing and retrieving information on a daily basis. A Document Management System makes it easy for businesses to combine paper and digital files into a single repository where scanned and digital formats are imported. File formats used by the organisation were largely Microsoft Office documents as well as many scanned images and PDF format files. The specific requirement therefore, was a Document Management System tailored for the organisation.


Giant created a storage structure for the documents, a desktop application with a custom selection screen specifically for the Taxes Office which allows them to search for documents using their own references as well as standard search criteria. For editable files, the system has version control allowing users to open previous versions of a document. Document control was implemented using the organsations existing database infrastructure.


The system currently stores over two and half million documents.

Giant Document Management System


  • ☑ Document Storage
  • ☑ Integrated file locking
  • ☑ Individual document security
  • ☑ Custom Search Criteria
  • ☑ Revision and Version Control
  • ☑ Document Classification
  • ☑ Audit Control
  • ☑ Microsoft Office Integration
  • ☑ Standard Letters
  • ☑ Integrated image viewer

Project Domains

Windows OpenVMS

Technologies Used

  • Citrix Xenapp
  • Microsoft .Net4 Framework
  • Visual Basic
  • Attunity Connect