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Misterton Somerset UK a bigger perspective

For over 15 years Giant Software has a proven track record in delivering software solutions to local authorities, government departments and the commercial sector.

Our comprehensive team of engineers, developers and planners allow us to offer that 'big company' service – significantly more cost-effective, with faster response times and a more focused, personable approach.

Work is undertaken in-house at our headquarters in the tranquil Somerset countryside and is never an 'off the peg' solution. We believe in forging long-term relationships, offering all the support you need, with no nasty surprises and hidden costs along the way – whilst also leaving you free to choose which services you subscribe to and to the order of implementation.

  • "A groundbreaking system was needed, Giant proved they had the capabilities to deliver"

    The States of Jersey Tax Department

Our Team

Roger Still

I read Pure Physics at the University of Surrey, before starting my computing career developing back office accounting and trading software in London.

I then moved to Marlow and Henley where I continued to advance my solution development skills and founded Giant Software in 2000.

Roger Still Managing Director

Jon Osmond

I started at Giant in 2014

Coming from a web development background with over 15 years experience, using different technologies.

I have written bespoke e-commerce solutions and company credit checking website application to name a few.

Jon Osmond Solutions Developer

Tony Robinson

I have been at Giant since 2002

Initially in infrastructure and configuration, then as a developer, and currently as Support Manager.

Before that I ran a computer services company installing and configuring IT infrastructure.

Tony Robinson Support Manager

Linda Still

Linda Still Finance

Chris Holmes

I have been at Giant since the formation of the Company in 2000 and have been mainly designing, developing and supporting the SOJ Income Tax system.

Prior to joining I was a director of a computer software company.

Chris Holmes Senior Solutions Developer

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Giant Blog


Giant goes shooting

The Giant team visited Top Gun & Rifle Range in Beaminster

Keen as ever to hit our targets.

by Tony | May 9th, 2016

Drupal vs WordPress

Drupal vs WordPress

Drupal vs WordPress

Both Drupal and WordPress are big names in CMS (Content Mangement Systems) which make it easy for you to modify your website once it has been created for you.

WordPress has a much larger user base than Drupal. It is less complicated with a user interface which is much more friendly and intuitive.

Being more popular, WordPress has more plugins and themes and many of them are free. Drupal uses add on modules too but the good ones tend not to be free.

Drupal allows a greater granularity of security which means that if you have a large team that will be maintaining your site then you can be more selective over who is allowed to do what to it. In fact, Drupal's enterprise level security has been deemed secure enough for government sites. That said, many large organisations have WordPress websites.

Drupal and WordPress are both well catered for by Google so it's hard to chose between them when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) although Drupal sites tend to load faster because of its superior caching.

Of course, if you don't need to modify the site yourself or your requirement doesn't lend itself to a CMS then we can always create custom sites without using either of them.

by Tony | June 23rd, 2017

UK Keyboard

UK Keyboard

Windows 10 UK Keyboard

I could not get a UK Keyboard setting in Windows 10. Control Panel, Region & Language was set to English (United Kingdom) as default, with English (US) also present. This had the annoying effect that my @ sign and double quote keys were transposed.

I removed the secondary language English (US), and it immediately came back.

The only work around I found was to install the English (Irish) language. This gave me the correct keyboard layout. This time when I removed English (US) it didn't come back.

Out of curiosity I added English (United Kingdom) back, and English (US) immediately also came back!

by Tony | October 27th, 2017

Giant goes fishing

The Giant team spent the day fishing at West Bay

Probably best to stick to software development.

by Tony May 9th, 2017